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Top 5 Social Media Campaigns #4

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing the Top 5 social media campaigns from the last 5 years. Here is number 4.

Drink Driving PSA – Designated Driver Campaign

Watch video here


  1. To create a Public Service Announcement which really sticks in the memory.

  2. To really connect with viewers in a way that the most PSA’s fail to do.

  3. To create a wave of realization about the dangers of Drink Driving which would spread all over cyberspace.


The Texas Department of Transport came up with the idea of creating a video filmed entirely on social media sites, documenting the events which unfold with the use of a computer.

It is aimed at a very specific audience….those who like to drink…..which is to say, EVERYONE!

Why we love it…

  1. Something completely different, standing out from the hundreds that came before it.

  2. Having seen so many Drink Driving ads which simply highlight the dire consequences (death/injury) with no subtlety whatsoever and the uninspiring social media campaigns which have followed, this video uses a completely new approach to document the events that unfold after a night of drinking.

  3. Using a variety of social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Gmail, SMS, even online banking) we are taken through the process which begins with a man getting arrested for drunk driving and subtly shows us the terrible consequences which follow his moment of recklessness (huge costs, loses job and girlfriend, no time to socialise).

  4. The genius behind this campaign was not only connecting with people on a level that they understand, but using the very same means by which they communicate with their own friends.  In a sense it was speaking the same language as today’s internet users.

Watch video here

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